4 Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Cameras You Can Afford

4 Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Cameras You Can Afford


Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Cameras

Luxury cameras are a very niche product, accounting for only about 1% of all digital cameras on the market today. Factor into that 1% those with a fixed lens, and you have an extremely unique set of cameras typically only enjoyed by the best of the best. Small, simple, beautiful, and often expensive, here are 4 luxury compact fixed lens cameras you can actually afford. By owning any one of these you will surely standout among your photographic community, and positively blend in with the crowd on the street.

What is a Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Camera?

Luxury Compact Camera

A luxury compact camera is a compact camera that is luxurious in its image quality and/or sensor size. Typical prices for luxury compact cameras are $800 to $3000.

Fixed Lens Camera

A fixed lens camera a camera with a lens that is neither interchangeable nor zoom capable. A single lens with a single focal length.

Why a Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Camera?

If you've come to the conclusion that these cameras are kind of a one-trick-pony, well you're right. In the field of architecture it is often said that:

"Architects know everything about one thing, and engineers know a little bit about everything."

Luxury fixed lens compact cameras are the architects, not the engineers. They are not focally versatile, not really expandable, but also make make no claim to be. They aim to serve one purpose and serve it well, to be a high quality dedicated fixed lens camera. For most photographers, one of these cameras is so far down the list of 'things I need to buy' that you may never get to it.

That being said here's 4 luxury compact fixed lens cameras you can afford! Videos at bottom of post.

4. Fujifilm X100S | $864.89

Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Cameras, Fuji x100s Cameraplex

Announced: January 7, 2013 

Stand Out Features:
  • APS-C 16M X-Trans CMOS II sensor with OLPF-less architecture
  • Fujinon 23mm f/2 fixed focal length lens
  • Newly developed Hybrid Viewfinder
  • Digital Split Image Manual Focus System
  • Full HD movies, Full aperture F2

3.  Sigma DP-1 Merril | $699.00

Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Cameras, Sigma dp1 Cameraplex

Announced: February 8, 2012

  • 46Mp Foveon X3 Direct Image CMOS Sensor
  • 3x Color Data in Each Pixel Layer
  • 28mm f/2.8 (35mm Equivalent) FLD Lens
  • True II Image Processor
  • 3.0" Rear LCD Screen
  • QVGA Video Recording at 30fps
  • Records JPEG & RAW Files
  • Built-In Accessory Hot Shoe

2. Ricoh GR | $625.00

Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Cameras, Ricoh GR Cameraplex

 Announced: June 19, 2013

Stand Out Features:
  • 16.2MP APS-C Format CMOS Sensor
  • GR ENGINE V Image Processor
  • No Optical Low-pass Filter
  • 18.3mm f/2.8 Lens (28mm Equivalent)
  • 3.0" 1,230k-dot White Magic LCD Screen
  • Full HD 1080p Video Capture
  • ISO Range of 100-25600
  • High Speed AF and 4 fps Burst Shooting
  • Image Effects and Macro Mode
  • Compact Magnesium Alloy Body

1.  Nikon Coolpix A | $575.00

Luxury Compact Fixed Lens Cameras, Nikon Coolpix A Cameraplex

Announced: March 9, 2013

  • 16MP DX-format CMOS sensor
  • 28mm equivalent F2.8 lens
  • ISO 100-3200 (expandable to 25600)
  • Up to 4 fps continuous shooting
  • 3" LCD with 921,000 dots
  • 1080/30fps HD Video (H.264, MPEG-4)
  • Built-in flash
  • Wi-Fi and GPS compatible (sold separately)
  • Raw and Raw+JPEG

4. Fujifilm X100S | $864.89


3.  Sigma DP-1 Merril | $699.00


2. Ricoh GR | $625.00


1.  Nikon Coolpix A | $575.00



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